Monday, May 16, 2011

Persuasive writing

Always believe what the authorities say.

I disagree to that because there are always greedy people who want to make money out of any thing even if it hurts other people. There might be a greedy police officer that does things to get money, also if there is some one out to harm you he or she might pretend to be part of the authorities and want you to do some thing that could hurt you.
Like if the police want to search your house one of them might tell you to show him/her your wallet and he/she might take some thing out of it. Also some one might not really be part of the authorities but just pretend to be and try to use that to abduct you for whatever reason. You have no way of actually telling the intentions of people and that is why you should never trust the authorities, they might be out to harm you.

To be a good leader you will have to be smart.

Yes I think that if you want to be a good leader you need to be smart. I don’t think you need to be math smart but just generally smart. If you are going to earn peoples respect you will need to do something good for the team to make them respect and accept you as their leader. For example in a navy seals team the leader cant mess things up, if he does that his team mates probably will not trust him any more so if the leader wants to have their trust he has to do things exactly right. In a football team the leader cant be stupid then he would mess every thing up and his teammates would not trust him any more same thing goes for almost all team sports. Even if you work in a factory you will need to be able to earn the trust and respect of the people working there to make the factory run smoothly.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oscar time

Cats prepare for war.

All cats around the world are preparing for war. The cats are tired of being simple pets and now want to be the pet owners, meaning we will be the pets. Armed with claws and assault rifles they walk around in the night and cause trouble. It is only a matter of time before they rise up and there will be a full-scale war between humans and cats. This cat caught on camera was seen running around town terrorizing businesses. He has a battle hat made out of lightweight steel (it only looks like a melon). People have been reporting strange cat activities around the capitals around the world. It seams like they are taking up tactical positions to try and take down the world capitals before taking down the rest of the human civilization. Our only hope may be to try and get the dogs as allies in this future war. The cats have been the dogs rivals for many years now. It might be easy to get the dogs on our side because they have been mans best friend for many years. If the dogs do not join our side of the war there will be a hard fight between cats and humans. Of course people might say that humans are far superior to cats but no, they are agile, they are relatively smart, and they have sharp claws. Also people might ask how are the going to use the rifles; they do not even have opposable thumbs. Well there are a couple videos on the Internet where cats move their thumbs almost like humans move our hands. This means that cats have been holding this a secret and they have been planning this for several years while practicing to hold a gun. The president of the United States has said that there might be cats that have infiltrated our governments but he has not confirmed this.
An eye witness (anonymous) who saw his business get burned by cats says “They are merciless beasts, they know that this business is my living and still they burned it down with out any second thoughts”
There have been many other people that have had their houses and shops burned by the cats. If the dogs join us then this may be a piece of cake but if the dogs do not join us we will need all the luck we can get.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Persuasive essay

Hey Edward, I see that you are new and do not know what group you should be in, socs or greasers. You should be with my group, the socs. We have money and we are well educated unlike the greasers. We have nice parties in expensive places and we get to do a lot of fun things that cost money. We are friendly and nice to each other unlike the greasers. They are violent and uneducated. The greasers fight each other and they probably do not know how to read. The greasers are also troublemakers. They rob stores and they some times even kill people. Some weeks ago a greaser kid stabbed one of our friends and then he ran away from the police. Most of the greasers eventually end up in jail. The greasers are also bothering us socs all the time by calling us names, braking into our houses and breaking the windows on the school or other public buildings. If you stick with us socs you are going to get a good job and a happy life but if you stick with the greasers you will probably end up at some gas station or you could end up on the streets. When we have breaks we always go to places like Italy or Greece. The greasers they don’t even have enough money to go to a different state.
You should stick with us socs I am sure you would fit in perfectly with us.
I hope to see you in the future.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tell tale heart

I like the first long seven-minute video because, first of all, it describes the story in more detail than the other two do. The short one is 30 seconds and a guy yelling words you can’t really hear, the second one does not have the same atmosphere that the first one has. The atmosphere in the first one is spooky and with the narrator talking, you get a feeling of how he thought and the madness in him and also the story becomes more spooky because of the pictures and that his voice is dark and he is very much in character. Because the pictures are dark and spooky some times there is a flash of light, then dark again, it feels like you are inside the madman’s head. The story is very interesting and I thing that Alan Poe was a bit mad to because of his life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Monkeys paw" Gist statement

Herbert White is Mrs. and Mr Whites son. One day a person called Sergeant Major comes to them and because he is greedy he kills Mr and Mrs White and takes the money they owed him. Herbert white gets angry and want revenge, so he visits India to find an item called the Monkeys paw. He finds it and uses it to wish that Sergeant Major was cursed. Sergent Major felt remorse that he had killed Mrs and Mr. White